vale color

After scouring Google for blurbs and album updates, the time has come. After a three-year wait, Black Veil Brides’ latest album is here: and Vale does not disappoint. While the music is wonderful, gritty, blistering and a joy to indulge in, the story and themes tucked into the lyrics are what make this album special.

Vale is comprised of a healthy mix of musical styles that prevent the disc from stagnating, or becoming bland. The disc boasts everything from fast and heavy songs filled with grit and energy, to delicate ballads that slowly build toward a grand finish. Hardcore tunes such as “My Vow” and “Throw the First Stone”, shows the band still knows how to weave attitude in between drum fills and fancy hooks. “Vale (This Is Where It Ends)”, and “When they Call My Name” demonstrate the band’s ability to compose beautiful, yet moderately paced, songs.

Black Veil Brides could have drenched their album with catchy, even dazzling, guitar work, however, they chose to do otherwise. Each fancy drum beat and guitar lick shine with precision and maturity. They have done the same on the lyrical front as well. Andy Biersack articulates a brilliant, and timely, message focused on individual strength and humanism.

This album is a continuation of the story told on their greatest album to date: Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. Wretched and Divine tells the story of a revolution, while Vale describes the next chapter in the characters’ lives. Mostly, it seems, Vale is about the characters struggling to become their own people. This is where Biersack threads the humanism message through his writing. “This is where it ends” he sings in the title track. “It” refers to the remaining strains of oppression reigning over the protagonists.

Even though many of the songs on the album are potential singles, five songs have been given this title. All of these tunes are worth exploring, as they show the diversity of the album. The lead single is certainly worth checking out. “The Outsider” thumps and marches onward, slowly crescendoing into a nice explosive guitar solo. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album, however, some tracks I would recommend jumping into are: “Ballad of the Lonely Hearts”, “Vale (This Is Where It Ends)”, and “The King of Pain”.

With this latest record, Black Veil Brides shows they understand how to tell a story with both their music, and their lyrics. To me, this is a mark of excellence. I believe that story telling is a crucial part of music that is sometimes forgotten. Such acts require a special kind of talent, and skill set that must be earned through practice and dedication. It is evident Black Veil Brides are talented in this manner.