Epica is back in all of their symphonic glory. This time however, they are changing up their formula a little by giving us covers, rather than original songs. Don’t let this fact poison the music. Additionally, don’t let the short run time of the disc put you off. The bottom line is simple: EPICA vs attack on the titian is a great EP from a veteran band.


Epica, as all fans and casual listeners know, has a very distinct sound. The best description of their sound came from one of my family members. After listening to The Holographic Principle, he remarked he didn’t care for the band because it was like listening to a movie sound track. Epica definitely is an acquired taste.

EPICA vs attack on the titian, like any EP, is an excellent chance for someone who isn’t already a fan to get to know the band. There’s less material to sort through and it’s all top-notch. Of all the EP’s I’ve listened to, this is probably the best and most exciting. It would be very interesting to see Epica craft a full-length record around the themes developed in this short album.

I read the first book in the Attack on the Titan series before listening to this album, thinking it was all original music. This is not the case. However, Epica’s rendition of these songs fit very well with the feel of the first book. The sheer scale and boldness of their music complement the themes of the story.

Songs Worth Investigation

The EP comes with instrumental versions of each song. If you’re a music junkie, like me, this is a really cool bonus. You get to listen to the music and try to unlock whatever secrets and emotions are hidden within the notes.

Now, its worth mentioning that there are still some vocal parts on the instrumental tracks. For some reason, the spoken parts remain. Generally, these sections are the choir echoing the chorus or chanting something in Latin. I find this a little odd and very distracting. However, its not a major issue, especially when if you consider these tracks a bonus of sorts.