Courtesy of Weesp

Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Stencil Magazine to interview some bands. Naturally, I jumped on board right away.  One of the first bands I chose to interview was Weesp.

On paper, Weesp is an “Alternative Rock, Metal, Electronic” band from Minsk. When you listen to them, their music is on the heavier side. Moreover, it is dark and moody, though hopeful. They released their second full length album, Black Sails, in April of this year. I will be posting a review of this album soon.

Without anymore rambling, here is a copy of my email interview with Weesp:

Before I get into my other questions, I think we have to address one of the biggest pieces of Weesp: you have a unique sound. Your music is filled with elements generally found in different genres. What made you decide to splice together these different aspects?

“From the very foundation of our band we were aiming to create our own music not limited by the frames of a certain genre and its rules. I think it’s also dictated by the way we write songs – we always experiment a lot, and each band member participates in decision making. I have to admit on the other hand it often makes the process of songwriting rather stressful thing, but we believe it makes the music more diverse and interesting. And we recently decided to go further in this tendency – we are preparing some new singles to release by the end of the year, and I feel they are way more progressive.”

Being a typical American with very little linguistic knowledge, I am a little puzzled by your name. How did you go about picking your name?

“It may sound strange, but to be honest linguistic knowledge has nothing to do with it, the name Weesp is nothing more than just a name. Good it or not there is no deep meaning in it.”

On your social media accounts, you guys mention that you encourage people to resist the pressures society places on them, and in this resistance, people should struggle to discover themselves. How much of a role do you think music could play in helping people figure out who they are?

“We believe that music always played and still plays great role in how people identify themselves. We apply to music when we’re sad, confused, troubled or lost. For most of us music or musical taste is an anchor that helps us not only to figure out who we are, but to remember it as well.

“And that’s a great thing about music, I still cannot fully understand or explain how it works! It’s magic.”

In college I studied philosophy, so this notion that I should constantly debate with the societal forces of the world in an effort to find out who I am strikes a chord with me. Do you think people should work together in this fight against these forces or go it alone?

“I would say that it’s not what matters most, the crucial thing here is to call into question everything that comes as a rule or limitation. It’s the way humanity progresses, art and science progresses, and it’s the same way personality should progress.

“We often think that we cannot do something just because we were taught that we cannot do it, but how do we know it if we don’t try?

“Of course it’s risky and it’s not the easiest way to live your life, you know, that’s why you might need a support or company. Because you fall a lot and it hurts. You might really need a hand to help you get up, to have someone that believes in you, who understands you.”

black sails.jpg
Borrowed from Weesp

To conclude, I want to briefly talk about your latest record, Black Sails. What is your favorite track on the album and why?

“That’s really an interesting question – actually I know that each of us would name different song if we had to, but truth is that different tracks are favorite in different moments of time.

“‘Black Sails’, ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Illumination’ the songs that we really love, they are actually fully stand for the topic we discussed in previous question. Actually, more or less all of them do.

“‘Not Over’ ‘Roads, Hotels’ and ‘The Stream’ are more personal and emotionally expressive, ‘Monsters’ and ‘After Us’ are more into a game of contrasts that we always love to play.

“We are really keen on knowing what people think about these songs and I’d like to use an opportunity to say that we are always happy to get any feedback, it’s extremely important for us, so feel free to engage our social media and other platforms and let us know what you think! All best!”

If you are interested in expanding your music library Weesp is definitely a band to check out. You can listen to their music on Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, however, they are also available for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and cdbaby. And, as always, you can find them on various social media outlets, such as Facebook.