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I had the privilege to conduct an email interview with a truly stunning band: Leaving Eden. When I was given a list of bands to choose from Leaving Eden stuck out to me, though I don’t know why. I had never heard of them. I ventured onto their Facebook page and quickly noticed they’ve played with a variety of amazing bands over the years: Anthrax, Lacuna Coil, Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Slayer, Stone Sour, and Dropkick Murphy’s. There is a more complete list on their Facebook page.

Immediately after reading over their profile, I plugged my headphones in, found them on Spotify and started to listen. Needless to say, I am now a fan.

Leaving Eden is delightful for a few reasons. One very prominent reason is their sound. It isn’t confined to anything prefabricated. Rather, it’s a gorgeous mixture that pulls from different areas of “rock”. In other words, they don’t fit into a genre. They created their own niche. As a fellow artist, I know this is one of the most challenging things when trying to establish yourself. You have to be familiar enough, yet you can’t be a copy of everyone else.

The following answers were copied directly from my email, minus some links and a list of other bands Leaving Eden has performed with. I rearranged and condensed these so they’re easier to read through.

So, Out of the Ashes, came out a little over a year ago and your cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” came out this spring. Have you been working on any new material lately?

“Hey man good to chat with you here. I’m Eric from Boston MA Area, USA, Leaving Eden. We have our new album coming out October 16th world wide titled Descending to be released by Dark Star Records/Sony Music. This album was recorded at Leaving Eden Studios and produced by myself. Final Mix and mastering Bob St John. This is a 15 song album with the extra edited radio track. This album does include the featured single “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy recorded and interpreted by Leaving Eden. That song was recorded and mixed by Johnny K., Mastered by Brad Blackwood and produced by myself. This album has some heavy songs and some acoustic stuff even some you can dance to. I think this album will proved [sic] to be one of our best we certainly like it and we hope you do too.”

You have played alongside some truly impressive bands and worked with some wonderful producers. Has working alongside such talented artist energized you to push yourselves further?

“Yeah man absolutely!! You live and learn by these people paying attention watching every move. It’s almost surreal when thinking about it. We got to play with Ronnie James Dio for instance before he passed away and Dimebag Darrell along with his brother Vinnie Paul. Shit like that can never happen again so we feel honored and humbled. That’s what it’s really all about is playing with the bands that influenced you working with producers that influenced you and as far as energizing us when you’re in front of thousands of people sharing the stage with a great band there’s nothing like it and that’s why we do it.”

For anyone who hasn’t heard of you and your music, which one of your records would you recommend they pick up first?

“I would say Out of the Ashes our latest album recorded by Johnny K. That album has songs that are going to be in movies and TV series. Mayday, Lockdown, Jezebeth TV series. It’s a heavy album but there is some acoustic stuff on it.”

Before hammering out these questions, I creeped on your Facebook page, and noticed that some people call you an “experimental” band. Stencil called you “extreme rock”. How would you classify your musical style?

“That’s a great question. I got a quick story for you on that. We were at a large recording studio meeting to record an album and the person had a white board and literally drew a box. Then said you guys are here, here and here pointing outside the box and said you really need to be here and pointed Inside the Box. I stood up and I said so you’re saying we need to be in that box? Yes, I guess that is what I’m saying. I said thank you very much have a good day and left.

“Now I get it it’s much easier to be in a box so that you can be labeled, and they can put you in different genres. But we really like to play whatever we want because that’s what music is about what you like to play and what you like to listen to and you hope that others like it. With that said I would describe our music as heavy, yet we play some acoustic songs we play some mellow stuff lots of stuff with Harmony and with our own music we try and have a great melody behind the vocal and the music itself is also intertwined with melody and harmony. Harmony on the instruments like bass and guitar. We try not to have the Baseline just copy what the guitars doing for instance.

“I say extreme rock even though it doesn’t fit the extreme rock genre completely but it’s somewhere between Hard Rock and Metal so that’s why I say extreme rock but some will say no way it’s not extreme rock so you got me man, whatever you want to call it, we call it rock and roll how’s that?  Thanx man hope all is well and see ya next time, Peace!”

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