Borrowed from Francesco Fonte Band

Francesco Fonte Band’s latest album Eight is a satisfying ride. This progressive rock album is laced with moody notes, vaulted vocals and gritty guitar work. Even as a a newcomer to this band, I could tell they were special within seconds of the opening track.


Eight is a good album. It has exciting highs, topped with gritty, driving guitars and soaring vocals that stretch beyond the normal range found in “rock”. Then, when the band wants to cool things down, they pump out moody, atmospheric lows. The guitarist ensnares listens, pulling them in with an alluring melody while Francesco Fonte pitches in with his smooth, soothing voice. Overall, the album is drenched with a grungy, moody coating that hits a sweet spot in my music collection.

Francesco Fonte Band is considered “progressive”, and as anyone who follows my reviews knows, I enjoy “prog” music. This genre is pretty simple to describe, even though it is immensely diverse and complex. More or less, “progress” bands combine various elements of different genres. Obviously, this band checks this box.

Some of their songs feature horns. While this isn’t too uncommon, it always catches my attention and improves my mood. I believe that brass instruments mix well with good old rock and roll. In addition to this, Fonte’s voice often reaches into the stratosphere. At times, Fonte’s sweeping voice resembles Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. However, he is capable of lowering his voice and letting lose a throaty scream when the song demands it. Yet, as I mentioned, Fonte’s voice is generally smooth and relaxing.

Songs Worth Investigating

“Necropolis Eye”, the opening track and single, is a great place to start. This song soothed my urge to listen to something fast and heavy. However, the quality of Fonte’s voice is not lost, even when he is screaming into the microphone.

“Universe Garden” is a wonderful slower tune, slathered with a vibe similar to The Doors. My wife added that it has a tinge of Nirvana as well. She is not wrong. Even though this song has a more relaxed atmosphere, there is still a grunge twist in the music. Needless to say, this song is a must listen to.


Is There More Music?

Francesco Fonte Band has released two albums, an EP, two singles and handful of music videos. Their music can be heard (and purchased!) on a number of platforms:





and Spotify!