Francesco Fonte Band partnered with Torturett Photography to create a music video for one of the songs on Eight. The song happens to be one of my favorites from the record, I even mentioned this tune in my review of the album as a song worth seeking out. Anyway, the music video captures the mood of the song well.

The Story

The video is simple. It shows the band members playing their instruments and singing in a patch of woods. Also, it features a woman walking and dancing through the woods. She twirls around trees, her cape fluttering behind her. Other times she just walks along, staring into the thickets. Then, near the end, it becomes clear that she is running from something. Seemingly, she is trying to evade the band members who, in addition to playing their instruments, are trying to find her.

The video is all black and white. The subdued music, combined with the darker coloring, creates a very relaxing atmosphere. However, the somber tone that flows through out Eight is clearly represented in the video. The woman, for example, is dressed in black. She also spends time fleeing from an unknown entity.

If you have yet to read my review of Eight, please click here to do so. And if you have yet to check out any of the Francesco Fonte Band’s music, you should go to bandcamp or iTunes and pick up a copy of Eight.