At the end of summer, a friend at Stencil Magazine sent me a list of bands. He told me to pick the ones I wanted to interview. Naturally, I jumped into research mode. Rozu was one of the bands that caught my attention.

In a sentence, Rozu is a young post hardcore band. They sing a little, they scream a little and they offer up some heavy riffs. What more could one want?

Judging from the two singles they’ve released, and the creativity they generate in their writing sessions, it looks like Rozu will be a band to watch. However, only time will tell. Personally, I’m excited to see what they release next. Post hardcore is a diverse genre that allows a band a ton of wiggle room, without breaking free of established barriers. According to their answers, they are looking to do just that: smash barriers and write from their hearts.

What follows is an email interview between Rozu and myself. I apologize for the final question, It may seem odd, especially now. I wrote these questions before the single dropped  on September 17th, however, I didn’t receive their answers until last week. This is a problem with email interviews; both parties can easily leave them unanswered or unsent if something more pressing pops up.

But I digress. This was copy and pasted directly from my email, so nothing was added or changed.

rozu faceless promo pic fb
Borrowed from Rozu’s Facebook page

1)      “Dissolve” is a pretty heavy track. Are you working on anything softer or are you currently focused on crafting heavy songs?

We absolutely will have both much heavier and then some softer ones, that’s just how we are. We have this mindset within our camp that we aren’t going to confine ourselves to one specific sound or formula. We want to really just write how we are feeling that writing session while obviously staying true to our love of post hardcore influences.

2)      I read an interview you guys did over the summer and you mentioned that you had just finished a bunch of songs. Does this mean your debut album is coming soon?

Yeah we are working on a album at the moment and on top of that we have a good couple handful of songs that we plan on releasing. We really just want to continue to put out content every couple months with this incredible digital age we are living in. When that album will actually be released is still pretty undetermined but it’s coming.

3)      When you sit down to write a new song, how does the process unfold? Is there one dominate writer, or do you guys work together?

We all kind of build off each others ideas and all have awesome ideas. It’s really a blessing with how many ideas we have and it is so nice having the ability to all be able to write our own stuff in our homes then bring those ideas to the studio space and build off of those ideas.

4)      Your next single, “Faceless”, drops this weekend (“Faceless” was released September 15th). How excited are you about sharing this new track with everyone?

We are extremely excited because this is one of our heaviest songs we have so it is fun to see what reactions we will be getting to it. It is a super cool song with a very positive message.

You can listen to Rozu’s songs on their Spotify channel or their Youtube page. These singles are also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. They also have a Facebook page, where they post updates.