When Disturbed asked their fans if they wanted a slow song or a fast song to be the first single off their new album, I was thrilled for a couple of reasons. The first was that I love to see bands communicating with their fans and interacting with them. The second was that Disturbed had recorded at least one more slower tune. Needless to say, I was equally as excited for their new record, especially after the enticing title was revealed.


Disturbed’s new album lives up to its name, Evolution. This change is wonderful, partly because it’s fun to see a band try something new. However, and much more importantly, the band is finally using the power of David Draiman’s voice for something other than belting out heavy metal songs. While there is nothing wrong with this, his voice is perfectly suited to epic ballads, which the band realized when they covered “The Sound of Silence” on their last record, Immortalized.

Evolution is comprised of a few “classic-Disturbed-songs” and some other songs that are softer, and really different from Disturbed. While I can get behind their power ballads, it boggles my mind to listen to “Watch You Burn”. While I love the song, and honestly consider it one of the take-away-tracks; it is far outside of anything the band has done. I welcome the changes they’ve embraced, but it will take a little bit to get used to them.

Some reviews I read stated there are too many slow songs on Evolution. I disagree because there are a fair number of faster tracks. By my count, the number is almost split down the middle. Despite what others may have written, the mix of slow and fast songs gives the album more texture. It gives the band a chance to play different music and shade the songs with different hues. Furthermore, in Disturbed’s case, it gives David Draiman more opportunities to show off his range.

Songs Worth Investigating

I feel this album could produce several singles. There are some tunes that are radio friendly by nature, and then, there are a handful of “Disturbed classics” that are dying to be blasted over the radio. In addition to these two tracks listed below, “The Best Ones Lie” and “A Reason to Fight” are worth searching out.

“Savior of Nothing” was one of my favorites. This song has a killer guitar solo and something that could arguably be called a mini-drum solo. In the future, Disturbed needs to capitalize on Mike Wengren’s talents by letting him cut lose for a moment.

As I mentioned above, “Watch You Burn” was another favorite. I would say this is the most different track on the record. The intro has a country vibe and it has a violin, guitar chugging solo section that brings back memories of Skillet’s Comatose.

In the End

At the end of the day Evolution is a great album. While it is different, the changes show growth and maturity. However, it will take time for seasoned fans of Disturbed to get used to some of the slower tunes. Evolution is a brilliant mix of the sound that made Disturbed famous and the sound that put them back on the map.