The King of Mars is a young band that is seemingly underrated. They have about a hundred monthly listeners on Spotify and only six subscribers on YouTube. They have roughly fifteen hundred likes on Facebook. Despite this lack of popularity, they are a fun band, and they have a refreshing sound that captures you, pulls you in and smacks you over the head with a diversity of instruments and sounds.

the king of mars band borrowed from their fb.jpg
borrowed from The Kings of Mars

Their Sound

The King of Mars’ music is laced with a delightful combination of elements that span numerous genres. There are heavy doses of funk and jazz threaded around guitar solos and outbursts from the horn section. The vocals are impressive as well, since John Bruner bends his voice to match the change in music and style.


When you click “play” on one of The King of Mars’ songs, the first thing you will notice is the variety of elements they blend together. They have a robust brass section of their band. Their trumpet player spouts off frequently, laying down slick hooks along side the guitar player.

Each song on Bleach and Aspirin seems to evolve, stretching their sound as they explore new ideas. By the conclusion of the EP they never reach a firm, easy-to-define sound, but, this is one of their greatest strengths. This band was designed to shatter genre barriers with a funky groove and tinge of jazz.

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Songs Worth Investigating

Since this is an EP, there are not many songs to highlight. The EP is best listened to as a whole. This gives you a better understanding of the band’s sound and how it seems to evolve with each track.

“Tigress” and “For a Ride” dropped as singles earlier in the year. These are fun songs and absolutely worth diving into if you are short on time. I preferred “Hold Dear”. This song is a little slower, but it is dripping with emotion and builds gingerly before exploding in their trademark style. “Backbreaker” was another good one that really shows the band’s blend of genres.