There is a lot of music coming out this year that I’m really excited to jump into and devour. I wanted to share some of the albums are on my radar. This post will be dedicated to smaller bands. By “smaller” I simply mean everyone doesn’t know about them. Some of these groups are still what you might consider “local” bands and others are much more widely known, but they are certainly (and unfortunately) not “household” names.


I Am Abomination is finally releasing a new album

Everyone who claims to like metal should at the very least listen to I Am Abomination once. In short, their lyrics are smartly written and well sung. Phil Druyor is an amazing vocalist with a great range. He doesn’t scream, so their music mostly has “clean vocals”. Plus, Nick Sampson can shred with the best of them. In other words, there are crazy guitar riffs zipping about. Their sound is highly infectious.

I Am Abomination released a couple of records and couple of EPs before going their separate ways. However, they have reunited for The Passion of the Heist II, which is a seclude to one of their EPs. They raised $22,000 on Indiegogo in the fall so they could record this new album, which is tentatively due out in March.

The Bad Chapter

During I Am Abomination’s hiatus, singer Phil Druyor, joined The Bad Chapter and released a record, titled Cheers to the Down and Outs. As a side note, this album is a very fun blend of hard rock and pop. While there has not been anything confirmed yet, on a question and answer session on Reddit, Phil wrote: they are “[c]urrently in planning mode for a new TBC record and plan on self releasing [sic]. Once Nick starts production on POTHII I’ll start releasing some info on it”. This information cannot come soon enough.


Having only assembled last summer, Lifers is a collection of seasoned musicians. Their roster includes former Legends of You and Gone By Friday members. Their social media is dotted with pictures of them recording over the last couple of months. Nothing is confirmed; however, they have been promising new music soon.

Big Donut

This is a local band based out of Flint Michigan. They’ve released a few records and play in local venues frequently. Their next record has been in the works for about a year. But, from the demos on their YouTube page, it should be another fun, trippy rock ‘n’ roll record.

Are there any smaller bands with albums coming out soon that you are excited for? Let me know!