In their new single, Tarah Who? addresses the rage and confusion stirring in their chest in the wake of the 2017 terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert. After hearing about the attack, lead singer Tarah wrote that she had “started wondering if the assailant had had any emotions or hesitations before going through with his actions”. The lyrics and concept of the tune were born from this simmering contemplation. Musically, this song is a guitar driven, hard hitting punk rock tune, twisted with Tarah Who?’s trademark style.

On their bandcamp, the band captured the overall feeling of the song and music video quite well:

‘Numb Killer’ is very blunt and intense: musically, in the band’s performance but also visually, through their music video. Tarah Who? expresses their sentiment of anger, pain and desolation in front of such disturbing and atrocious crimes against humanity.

You can find this song their bandcamp page, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.