Picture this: Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low working together to make music. If you haven’t heard yet, both singers have gotten together and started doing what they do best: make good music.

The two piece even has an appropriate name: Simple Creatures. The debut single for this tiny supergroup is titled “Drug”. Naturally, this tune meshes aspects of their main bands’ styles. However, it is different, while remaining in the fun realm of pop-punk. What’s more exciting is that the pair have written enough music for two EPs and a record.

Borrowed from Simple Creatures

The title of their first EP is Strange Love, and will be coming sometime in March. According to Hoppus, their second EP will drop sometime over the summer depending on when Blink-182 and All Time Low plan to release their upcoming records. All of this is very promising for fans of these pop-punk legends.

At the end of the interview, Hoppus dropped some very exciting news for Blink-182 fans. When asked if Simple Creatures would hold most of his attention for the year, he said no. Blink-182 would remains his primary focus. He said “[w]e’re full steam ahead with the Blink recording”. He went on to state their goal is to release the album this year.

In the meantime, listen to their single: Drugs