The Fever 333 is a relatively new band comprised of veteran musicians. The band exploded onto the scene in the summer of 2017 with a couple of music videos. Their debut EP Made in America, was released in March of 2018. This EP, especially the electric title track helped set the tone for things to come. The Fever 333’s first full length album, Strength in Numb333rs was released January 18th of 2019.

A Little About Their Sound

Somehow I did not discover this excellent record until after it was released. However, when I accidentally stumbled upon the music video for “Burn It”, I knew I had found a special band. The Fever 333 checks several boxes seamlessly. Their music is hard, heavy and aggressive. This sonic blast is occasionally broken up by streams of rapping and electronic beats. Their lyrics are firmly “punk”, as they recently assault social ills. Needless to say, this group is going places.


Strength in Numb333rs is glorious combination of genres. This blend results in music that is energetic and refreshing. Lyrically, the band relentlessly pursues timely problems, such as inequality and police brutality. In some ways, they channel old Rise Against or Anti-Flag, with a hip-hop edge.

This album, if you haven’t noticed yet, is political. The band certainly had an agenda when they set out to write this album. This may put some people off or even trigger others, because the ideas are fairly progressive or leftist. If you like hard punk rock or bands that smash genre barriers, this record is still enjoyable, just like Rise Against albums. You can pry the music and lyrics away from their political undertone.

As always, I appreciate this band’s willingness to experiment with elements of different genres. The Fever 333 takes a interesting approach to this: add the rawness that is predominate in punk and rap to a furious hard rock framework. Not only does this sound good, it makes perfect sense to splice these themes together.

Songs Worth Investigating

In order to get a good feel for the span of the band’s range, you have to listen to the entire album. However, there are a few tracks that standout a little more than the rest.

Right away, “Burn It” is a notable track. This single is bursting with energy, gritty instruments and a wonderful message: occasionally, we have to burn things down in order to (re)build them properly. The video depicts the band and other people being arrested, in a violent manner, while trying to stop KKK members from protesting. “One of Us” is a fun track. It features a delightful infusion of hip-hop and rock. Lyrically, the song is straight forward as it requests that you, the majority, “stand up or die on your knees”.

…And to Conclude

Strength in Numb333rs is refreshing and choking with energy. Most songs have a rough punk rock texture that is softened, to some extent, with rapped verses and electronic sounds. Despite the presence of any rapping or electronic influences, this record is firmly a rock album. Furthermore, The Fever 333 set the bar high with their first record.