I’ve been a fan of pop punk for a long time. I enjoy everything from A Day to Remember to Blink-182. With this in mind, a band like Calling All Captains is appealing. They have all of the essential elements: coarse vocals and heavy drums smeared with an emo pop punk attitude. With their third, and most recent EP Nothing Grows Here, the band follows this time tested formula and does not disappoint.


The five songs of Nothing Grows Here spans 17 minutes of gritty pop punk. Lead single Luc has a harsher set of pipes, compared to the band’s original singer. This change, while difficult for long time fans, is not bad. Luc’s voice allows for a diverse range, which stretches all the way from screaming to clean vocals.

The instruments are top notch, as always. Calling All Captains have always been highly proficient at creating a classic pop punk atmosphere. Combine this while Luc’s voice, and you have a winning formula built on nostalgia, angst and pizza.

Songs Worth Investigating

With an EP it is always a little awkward to point out a handful of “take-away-songs”. However, it is a safe bet to highlight “Chasing Ghosts”. This track and its music video, dropped on YouTube a couple of weeks before the EP was released. This is a good example of a solid pop punk song.

…And to Conclude

Nothing Grows Here is fun and energetic. This earns the EP a firm, and well deserved position within the rest of the band’s catalog. With that being said, Calling All Captains don’t present many new ideas on this EP. Luc’s vocals are a change, which I believe is good overall, since he offers the band a more diverse set of tools to craft their songs with. Even though the band doesn’t reinvent the wheel, this EP is still very fun, especially for fans of pop punk.