Dawn Fades describes themselves with a title that I have hardly begun investigating, and no doubt have yet to appreciate: post-metal. That being said, Dawn Fades’ self titled full length debut was both educational and enjoyable; and I cannot wait for more. The album is atmospheric, heavy and riddled with gloomy instrumentals. In other words, Dawn Fades is a good album.


I had no idea what to expect with this album going into it. I purposely did not listen to any of the band’s music before picking up this record. I wanted to have an open mind and experience it within a vacuum. It turns out this was a wonderful decision, because I was pleasantly surprised.

While I am very new to most sub genres of metal, such as doom and stoner, I see a lot of similarities between them and this album, even though it is considered “post-metal”. For example, I got some of the same vibes that I did when I worked through Bell Witch’s last album, Mirror Reaper. I would describe Dawn Fades’ sound as the employment of slow, dirty instruments lathered with a gravelly voice. Overall, their music is very atmospheric and enveloping.

Songs Worth Investigating

I think albums like Dawn Fades are hard to break up into individual songs. The album is fairly continuous, which is a feat in itself. I believe records that flow together so well should be listened to in their entirety. As the band ambles on, grinding out notes and riffs, they tell a story. That being said, everyone doesn’t have forty minutes to listen to an album, nor does everyone want to sit and listen to the same thing for so long. Some people like shorter bursts from this band and that band.

Dawn Fades has gotten a lot of attention for the single “Freeze”, which was all deserved. “Freeze” is definitely a good tune. So, that may be a good place to start. However, I enjoyed “Ashes” and the heavy guitar work on “Shackle”.

…And to Conclude

Dawn Fades’ debut album is a pleasure. However, it may be taxing if you don’t like songs that seem to drag on and on. After all, repetition is a feature of the post-metal and doom metal. I find the reverberating sounds relaxing, however, it is not for everyone. If you enjoy progressive metal or doom, you should look into Dawn Fades, follow their social media accounts and most of all, indulge in their music.