Over the weekend I received some news about a new metal band (or should I say supergroup?) that will be releasing their debut album this year.

Fu Manchu’s guitarist, Bob Balch has teamed up with Yawning Man’s guitarist Gary Arce to form what could arguably be called a dream team for anyone familiar with stoner metal or desert rock. This duo is set to release music under the name Big Scenic Nowhere.

The band is said to have made music centered around epic guitar riffs and licks. This doesn’t sound too surprising, given who the founding members are. Besides the two guitarists, there are suppose to be a few more brilliant musicians, although these mysterious individuals have yet to be announced.

Big Scenic Nowhere is scheduled to release a full length album this year, which is exciting. In addition to this, they will be a part of Blues Funeral Recordings new subscription service, PostWax. This service will, according to their Kickstarter page, mail “some of the best stoner metal, doom and heavy psych” music to your doorstep. Oh, and all of the music will be limited edition and vinyl.

I will post more about Big Scenic Nowhere and their progress when the information becomes available, so check back for updates.

For more information on this intriguing subscription service, you have check out Blues Funeral website or bandcamp page.