Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of previewing These Beast’s new self-titled EP, and it was a blast! This EP will bring joy to anyone who likes heavy, grimy music. It’s loud and rifftastic. But enough about the music, who is this band? Before Friday afternoon I had never heard of them, but now, they are on my radar!

These Beasts are a metal trio out of Chicago that specialize in dirty, noisy metal. Their music is categorized by heavy, grimy instruments that are toasted with anger. Chris Roo’s vocals are raspy and his words are heated. Their debut album, Salvor came out in 2016. Naturally, it was a fun sludge filled album stacked with heavy riffs.

Borrowed from These Beasts’ Facebook page

On These Beasts, producer Sanford Parker helped the band refine their sound and focus their angst. With his guidance, the band achieved something very intriguing: a rowdy metal album drenched in a sludgy, doom coating.

It is worth noting the band is part of Magnetic Eye Records, which has put a string of successful “redux” albums out. If you haven’t heard about these, they are compilation albums that feature prominent contemporary metal bands covering some of the best rock songs ever. Their latest redux album, for example, was The Wall. Yes, they reimagined Pink Floyd’s masterpieces with underground metal bands.

With this backing, These Beasts are sure to craft something special (and trust me they did). Be sure to check out the band on social media and pick up their EP on March 28th. Until then, you can listen to their first album on bandcamp or YouTube. Of course you can follow them on Facebook as well. You can check back for my review of this EP on March 28th as well.