Besides touring this spring, Howling Giant is releasing a remastered version of their self-titled EP…and it will be available on vinyl! Of course, you can snag a digital copy too. The EP has been remastered by a genius who has worked with Mastodon and The Obsessed: Dave Shirk. Of course, the EP will feature amazing artwork by Darren Merinuk. With this combination of artists, Howling Giant is sure to be worth picking up for new comers and veterans alike.

And, the band is (finally?) releasing a full-length record this summer. Information is almost non-existent about this forth-coming album; however, it will likely be bursting with cosmic riffs, spot-on-writing and a high degree of musicianship.

You can pre-order this remastered EP here, on their bandcamp page if you so desire.

But there’s more! Howling Giant has been rumored to appear on Ripple Music’s upcoming series of split albums, Turn to Stone. Also, Magnetic Eye Records has confirmed that Howling Giant will appear on their next redux album: Dirt. As far as I know, this is going to be a cover of the Alice in Chains album.

Regardless of which album is being covered, this is a big step for the band. Magnetic Eye’s redux albums are covers of immensely famous albums featuring some important underground metal bands. You can check out their redux of Pink Floyd’s The Wall here if you are interested.