House Handshake is an independent band that can be found in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have a very mature sound, with dueling vocalists who complement each other perfectly. Their music is dotted with snazzy guitar work, however, most of their songs are relaxed rock with a very satisfying dose of soul.

Last month, House Handshake released their first EP; House. Despite interviewing the band, House embarrassingly flew under my radar. However, I found some time to sit down and listen to the 4 track EP.



In my interview with House Handshake, I described their sound as what comes to mind when I think of an indie band. In short, it’s a quirky complication of several members jamming on their instruments. I feel this is still an accurate depiction of the band, however, I want to qualify my statement. The band is mature. They don’t just have a bunch of their friends playing three chords on some acoustic guitars, they have seasoned musicians who know how to craft their part in a song.

When I got my interview back from House Handshake, I remember thinking their music would be too far outside of my tastes for me to give them a fair shake. I honestly thought my prejudice against poppy music would affect my review of any of their music. I was wrong for two reasons. The first is simple: the band is not poppy. They are indie rock with a dash of soul.

The second reason is a little weird, so bare with me as I work through it. I don’t feel put off by their sound, rather I feel like they are welcoming me into their musical kingdom. I feel invited and relaxed. I attribute this to the calm atmosphere that sprouts up around the band. However, the band does not sacrifice the chance to slip in an intriguing guitar riff or sweet drum fill, as these are spread out across House.

…And To Conclude

House Handshake nailed it with their debut EP House. This entire EP is worth diving into because it is short and easy to digest. Also, it is cheap on iTunes and free on Spotify. For fans of indie rock, House is a slam dunk. For someone looking to experiment a little, House Handshake is a brilliant band to start with because they don’t play by the rules. They bend and pull in whatever genre elements they want. Overall, House is a short preview into what the band’s future holds, which I am sure will be more soul tinged indie rock.