Life Underfoot released their latest EP, Peaks and Valleys in May of 2018. This three-song EP is quick but potent. And surprisingly, it is acoustic. Sticking with their style, the band has crafted a throwback to the emo-punk tunes of days gone by.



Andre Judge’s slow strumming is hypnotic as his voice drifts over the chords. The lyrics are depressing and decidedly emo. I found this appealing. Their lyrics often resonated with me, striking somewhere in the dark, murky hours of my high school career. I connected with each song, although I felt the strongest connection with “Clock Face”.

Across all three songs, the music is reserved, and the lyrics are dripping with sadness. The vocals are rough, and the overall presentation is wonderfully minimalistic and restrained. It is a great representation of how one feels when they are in a “valley”.


…And To Conclude

Peaks and Valleys fits in with other brooding emo classics. In the future, it will be exciting to see where the band takes their sound, which improves with each release. I hope they continue to produce acoustic tracks like these. There is strength in the simplicity of Peaks and Valleys.