Tarah Who?’s new EP bites hard while leaving a grimy stain that is very satisfying. 64 Women consists of four blistering tracks and a touching, though painful ballad. All of the songs urge the listener along and leave them wanting a little more. Overall, the EP is an enjoyable punk rock adventure that is limited only because of its short run time.



Tarah Who? has already proven themselves to be a solid punk rock outfit that can bring the heat and crank out fun tunes. With 64 Women the band bares their teeth and show off their harder side. In some ways, the band departs from “punk” and land somewhere in the “hard-rock” category. However, seconds later, they are firmly back in the punk world. Guitarist, and singer, Tarah G. Carpenter often trades riff-for-fill with drummer Coralie Herve, which adds texture to the songs and jazzes them up to the next level.

The lead single, “Numb Killer” hits the hardest. This track questions how someone can lose their humanity and become a brutal killer. The track was written in the aftermath of a 2017 terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert. In a recent post, I quoted Tarah Carpenter stating this song is about “wondering if the assailant had had any emotions or hesitations before going through with his actions”. The second single, “Hurt” is the softest song on the album. This tune discusses a sour relationship and what comes next. Both of these tracks are worth checking out, however, the entire EP is very easy to get into and digest.

…And To Conclude

64 Women is a short, though fast paced EP. “Hurt” is by far the slowest track, though it is by no means a boring song. The two singles “Hurt” and “Numb Killer” are absolutely worth seeking out, however, the entire EP is worth diving into. Overall, the EP burns through its run time quickly, leaving the listener wanting more from Tarah and her friends. This EP marks another good addition to Tarah Who?’s solid collection.