I was able to chat with Electric Revolution over the weekend. At their core, they are a bluesy hard rock band. They released an album earlier this year, Burn It Down. If you get a chance, you should head over to their bandcamp and listen to it. Its pretty great. Our conversation didn’t touch too much on their new music, but we did hit on most everything else in the book.

You might not know this, but you need to listen to them. They blend the easiness of blues and southern rock with the spiny backbone of hard rock. You can find the band on Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube.


  • What are your biggest musical influences?

Classic hard rock bands: Deep Purple, UFO, Grand Funk Railroad, Montrose, etc.


  • Do you listen to any band or genre that would surprise your fans if they found out?

Soul and Funk from 60s and 70s


  • What’s next for the band?

With the recent album release we would like to get out and support it with strategic efforts to play the right shows and connect with a great record label/management/booking.


  • How do you think streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have changed how bands release music? Has it made it easier or harder?

The streaming services can be great in many ways especially for independent artists. Music used to be word of mouth. With the internet, there is a market for everything making all genres of music available. Personally, I prefer physical copies to hold the music, read the info, look at the cover art while listening.


  • Do you have any non-musical influences that show up in your music?

Collective life experiences mainly. Our music is never conceived to sound forced or like something else on purpose.  All from the heart of each of us.


  • Describe your sound.

Our sound is a bowlful of soulful, bluesy, groovy, hard and very heavy rock and roll.


  • What are you listening to lately?  Anything you would recommend?

The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll by the Golden Gods. One of the greatest rock and roll records ever recorded.


  • What made you decide to get into music and start a band?

My older brother was always playing in bands. His album collection that I fell in love with was readily available.


  • How does your writing process work?  Do you all collaborate on the lyrics or is that job reserved for just one person?

The writing process is definitely a joint effort. Lyric duties are shared between vocalist Dave Lawson and drummer Billie Pulera.


  • If you had to pick one, which album would be your favorite?

Deep Purple – Machinehead


  • Are there any bands you would desperately love to tour with some day?

Yes, The Winery Dogs, Rival Sons, Black Country Communion


  • What are your thoughts about bands releasing more singles rather than following a traditional route and just releasing albums?

Singles are a good idea especially with the popularity of internet radio/streaming services.  It’s all about getting the music to the masses quickly and to stay current.