The Cheesebergens are a unique band. First, they are a family. Yes, the drummer is the father, the bass player is the mother and the son and daughter are the vocalists and guitar players. They are a family band, insofar as they are a family that plays in a band. They play metal songs, dashed with some punk influences…and loads of sarcasm.

I was able to chat with this band during the week and learn a little about their band and their future plans. Please, find them on Facebook, Youtube and Bandcamp. Listen to their record (and check out my review of it!) and, if you’re in the area, check them out live.


  • Ides and Marissa, you’ve played in numerous bands over the years, what made you decide to form a band as a family?

The kids were both going to rock schools where they learned a lot of covers. Jesse was getting older (about 12 at the time) and we decided that it was time for him to start writing original music. We tried to get a band together for him and it wasn’t really working out so we decided to form our own band.

As a follow up, Jesse has since gotten his own band together (they’re called Diabology, plug, plug) but we are having way too much fun to stop.


  • Ides and Marissa, you have both played in a number of bands over the years, what is different about playing in a band with your kids? Are there any draw backs? Perks?

Oh yeah, perks all the way. We can rehearse in our apartment, they’re available when we say they are available and if they try to leave the band, we can ground them.


  • I never would have wanted to play in band with either of my parents. Jesse and Anjelica, why did you decide to play in a band with your parents?

‘Decide’ is a strong word. We were forced at gunpoint.


  • When you’re playing a show, do your parents try to embarrass you or are you all professional…as professional as a metal band gets that is?

We joke around a lot on stage. They don’t go out of their way to embarrass us but sometimes it just happens.


  • I struggle some days to balance my coursework with my music writing and day job. Jesse and Anjelica, I have a feeling you get this question a lot, but I am very curious to know how does playing music and gigs affect your school work?

Anjelica: To be honest, now that I’m in junior high, it’s hard to balance my school work with music.

Jesse: Schoolwork? What schoolwork?

Note from Ides and Marissa: We get way more upset when they mess up on stage than we do when they come home with bad grades!

  • What are your plans for the band? Are you guys going to take your family across the country touring or are you planning on sticking to local venues?

We look at the band as more fun than anything but we do have plans to do a few dates in the midwest this summer. And after that…world domination of course!


  • And a follow up question, are you planning on releasing new music?

Yes, we plan to be working on our second album some time this year.


  • On the topic of music, who wrote your first record? Was it a collaborative family affair (haha!) or did you each have a designated job?

Marissa: I am the supreme ruler and dictator of the band and I write most of the music. But, on serious note, there is room for collaboration. We all write our own musical parts and there is input from all the band members.


  • This one is for all of you: if you had to pick one album, which would be your favorite?

Ask us on a different day but…

Ides: Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche

Marissa: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Anjelica: The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Jesse: Leviathan by Mastodon