What happens when musicians grow, get married and have kids? Some retire, sure. The rockstar life isn’t something everyone can maintain forever. But in other cases, when the musicians don’t want to retire, what happens? Naturally, they form a band with their children. That’s what the Cheesebergens did.

In 2018, after hitting the recording studio a few times, they released their debut record: Do It With Cheese. The album is slathered with a heavy dose of sarcasm, sleazy guitar work and solid performances by young musicians. Yup, the kids (Jesse and Anjelica) sing and play their guitars while the mom (Marissa) plugs away on the bass and the dad (Ides) wails on the drums.



Do It With Cheese is a solid metal album. Jesse Bergen may be young, but he is more than skilled at plucking away on his guitar. He offers more than enough riffs and hooks throughout the album to keep the listener interested. It is worth noting that when he isn’t cranking out a killer solo, Jesse is singing. However, his younger sister, Anjelica sings as well. They split the vocalist duties in half, roughly fronting five songs each.

On the lyrical front, The Cheesebergens debut album is dripping with sarcasm. They aren’t blatantly attempting to be funny or get their listeners to laugh, however, there is definitely a comical twist on their lyrics. I found this refreshing, as each song immediately took on two meanings: one literal and one contorted with a tinge of humor.

“Cool” is a prime example of the band’s tongue-in-cheek style. Anjelica, the youngest member of the band, sings about how she’s so much cooler than everyone for numerous funny and off-the-wall reasons. In one verse she asserts: “I’m so cool that recently I’ve had to lay to rest/Rumors of my pregnancy, my marriage and my death”.

Songs Worth Investigating

I thoroughly enjoyed “Cool” and “Stupid Punk Song”. These are the two most sarcastic songs on the album. Also, “Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan” carried the same comic vibe. Musically, all three of theses tunes are distinctly different, which shows that the band is capable of playing more than one type of song.


…And To Conclude

The Cheesebergens are unique, sarcastic and fun. As their social media bios advertise, they blend metal and punk, thus creating something different and original. Ides and Marissa’s veteran status will draw attention, however, the youthful charm of Jesse and Anjelica will keep the listener’s attention. I am excited to see the band’s new material, which should be released sometime this year. In the future, it will be  interesting to see how the two youngest members grow as musicians, because they already have a great start.