Electric Revolution dropped their album Burn It Down back in January. While this review may be a few months late, the record is still worth examining for two reasons. First off, the band has a very sleek sound that deserves recognition. Second, they make good rock ‘n’ roll.



Electric Revolution is not a normal rock group. They don’t just put together radio friendly songs from an era gone by. They blend blues, rock and hard rock elements together. The result sounds like a southern rock flair mixed with an appetite for pure rock ‘n’ roll that pushes toward the edge of hard rock yet remaining within the “radio friendly” territory. Their music is not heavy by any means, but you can feel the weight of the bass, and sometimes it threatens to kick it’s way free.

On the surface it may sound like splicing hard rock with bluesy elements is counterproductive. Rather than hindering Electric Revolution’s sound, it actually enhances it. It adds another layer of texture that sits on top of the instruments’ throaty notes. Of course, Dave Lawson’s voice matches both of these styles perfectly. His raspy vocals soar just high enough to peek above the instruments. Other times, he jets into the sky with a high note, all while remaining cloaked with darker tones.

Songs Worth Investigating

The title track is a wonderful rock song, complete with dazzling guitar work, drum fills that capture you with their groove and vocals that stretch to the stars for a second before diving into a throaty bellow. “God and the Devil” starts off with a gospel flair and a bass guitar growling before it turns into a full-fledged rock tune committed to a slow bluesy pace.


…And To Conclude

Burn It Down is a fun rock album with a bluesy twist and a hard edge. The music is not “too heavy”, so it is safe for classic rock fans and the radio. The bluesy elements are not too extreme, so again, the album is accessible, yet it is certainly coated with a distinct swagger. Overall, Electric Revolution has a very fun sound that is familiar yet features enough elements that make the band standout.


You can find Electric Revolution on Facebook and Instagram if you are interested in following them. Also, their record is available here, on Bandcamp.