Spylights is an independent band out of New Orleans. As of this writing, they are on the verge of releasing their debut EP The Empath EP. The single from this little album dropped a few days ago. Judging from the single, Spylights has what I always refer to as a very “chill sound”. Their sound is very relaxed and smoothed over.

I enjoyed the single, even though slower poppy songs aren’t necessarily my cup of tea. The relaxing nature is alluring.

You can follow this band on Facebook and Instagram. You can stream the single, which is the title track to The Empath EP on all major platforms. The EP is currently available for preorder on bandcamp.


  • What are your biggest musical influences?

The influences have always changed depending on what time period in my life and point in the evolution of my music history really.

To name a few of the main ones: Queen, Toto, John Mayer, Iron Maiden, Prince, Rush, Michael Jackson, Coheed and Cambria, Plini, Enya, Incubus, Further Seems Forever, The Mars Volta, Yes, Opeth, Garth Brooks, OutKast, Danzig, Dio, Intervals, The Used, Protest The Hero, Glassjaw and many more.


  • Do you listen to any band or genre that would surprise your fans if they found out?

Well, I have such a vast array of different bands and artists that I like musically.

All my friends know how versatile the spectrum is when it comes to my taste in good music and different styles, genres, and feels. I listen to music without prejudice and can see the beauty in all good songwriting and melody in things the normal listener would prob [sic] find too far outside their normal genre or comfort zone. Everything from 50s Big band, Synthwave, Fusion, Classic Rock, Oldschool Hip Hop, Country, Singer Songwriter, Contemporary Rock, Yacht Rock, Soundscapes, Video Game Soundtracks, Swedish Death Metal, Goth Rock, Punk Rock, New Wave, 80s/90’s Pop, Post Rock, Grunge, Progressive Metal, and Math Rock. My diversity in shock factor is endless and vast to the average genre specific listener!


  • What’s next for the band?

We are currently about to start playing live shows and touring as a full band, we are some shooting music videos for our singles, and maybe playing some cool festivals!


  • How do you think Streaming services like Spotify and a Pandora have changed the way they release music? Have they made it easier or more difficult?

Well it goes both ways, so it’s not really and absolute in one way or the other.

I think streaming services are definitely highly effective for getting your music in peoples ears conveniently, but definitely limit and lower the sales of their records and an artist’s income profit yield.

It’s always going to be a trade off one way or the other whether you weigh out exposure for pennies or integrity for dollars. I guess it depends on which one you need or value more for your band at the time.


  • Do you have any non-musical influences that show up in your music?

Plenty of them.

I am constantly inspired by and love good video games, horror movies, other musicians and artists, my girl and my dogs, and I take more inspiration from the idea of passing time that we never get back and death more than anything.

I know it sounds a bit morbid, but it definitely puts a whole new perspective and a stronger appreciative outlook on things and the importance of our time spent here on earth to me. Appreciation is key.

  • Can you describe your sound?

I really could just say we are a rock band, but I’d be cheating some of the dynamics of what we do.

We write, play, and musically season our songs in many styles and flavors of Rock, Alternative Rock, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, POP, Singer Songwriter, Blues, Contemporary Rock, Electronic and Synthwave, Post Rock, Jazz, and even Acoustic and Folk!


  • What have you been listening to lately? Anything you would recommend?

Well I listen to so much music regularly and it’s mostly the timeless classics of all genres. Ranging from the 50s to the early 2000s. I will say that in the last year or so I’ve been really into the band Gunship. They are so damn dark, clever, and have such an extremely cool feel to their music. It’s definitely an addicting breathe of fresh nostalgic air to listen to!


  • What made you decide to get into music and start a band?

I have been around music my whole life and it was around every corner of my house growing up as a kid, I am mega grateful for that!

From my mom constantly jamming records around the house everyday, to both my parents being seasoned musicians, it was not only already in my blood and genetics but I was luck [sic] enough to have it in my face and in hands as well. Musical Instruments were always around to play with in my house growing up. We had a piano, an organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mics, amps, and a trumpet. That stuff was the original root of inspirado [sic] for me to jump start things for me into music. After while I realized that nothing could give me release and touch my soul like creating music and melody.

Nothing would ever compare to writing music, channeling and putting my thoughts and meaningful emotions into words and lyrics to express myself.

borrowed from Spylights
  • How does your writing process work? Do you all collaborate on lyrics or is the job reserved for one person?

I start the writing process different each time depending on what is in my head, the genre, what instrument that part or hook I have in mind focuses on, and what is inspiring me at the moment. When it comes to lyrics and melodies, I write them all.


  • If you had to just pick one what album would be your favorite?

Such a difficult question, beings [sic] I listen to all genres and eras of music and am constantly finding new gems. I don’t know if I can pick or narrow just one down to a favorite. It’s not in me to put apples and oranges in comparison when it comes to so many multiple styles, moods ,and categories of music. No favorites here, it would be too difficult to decide.


  • Are there any bands that you would desperately want to tour with one day?

I could think of a few bands I’d lose my shit if I got to grace the stage with:

Coheed and Cambria, Thrice, Toto, Plini, My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Minus the Bear, The Dear Hunter, Faith No More, Circa Survive, Queen, The Midnight, Buffy Clyro, Gunship, Iron Maiden, or Sunny Day Real estate.


  • What are your thoughts on bands releasing more singles instead of following the traditional route and releasing albums?

I guess it is a smart move for some bands depending on the attention span, dedication, and overall cost effectiveness. Music fans these days don’t have the same drive, dedication, and interest when it comes to records. Most people are less attentive and emotionally and artistically invested these days and they aren’t able to fully and appreciatively take in whole records unless they display truly stellar and interesting songwriting.

Because so many artists these days put out records and songs constantly for rushed contractual reasons and specific timelines that their hearts were not fully immersed in, the faith and overall quality of records as a whole has decreased and become more of a “churn them out” business deadline rather than a well thought out art.

Without passionate and true artistic inspiration, musical motivation, and tasteful songwriting peoples faith in whole records will continue to be short lived and bands will keep putting out singles that don’t require too much investment or risk at once.

Giving people 10–12 songs on a record can be overkill and useless if they aren’t quality songs with a pulse that they have the patience and time to get to. Especially if you are putting out a record that doesn’t grab and keep their attention after 5 or 6 songs. Those last 5 or 6 tracks on the record they will either never get to hit your ears enough times or they will end up being late creepers after they’ve wore out all the solid catchy and well written songs on the record. Quality before quantity if you want that much attention from music fans these days!


borrowed from Spylights