Ready to Rise is a solo project featuring Petr Janas. Musically, Petr’s sound is firmly grounded in the realm of metal. He sings, he plays guitar and bass on all of his music. He composes and arranges all of his songs. And, he wants to incorporate guest musicians in the future.

Ready to Rise can be found on Facebook and YouTube, where you can follow his updates and stream some of his music.


  • What are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest guitar idol is Mark Morton from Lamb Of God, vocal idol Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter. I also mention Chris Adler from LoG as a best drummer for me. The best composer is Devin Townsend.


  • Do you listen to any band or genre that would surprise your fans if they found out?

I sometimes listen to pop music, like Coldplay and Hurts and electro music, for example Pendulum and Prodigy.


  • What’s next for the band?

I plan to improve my skills in composing and keep propagate my music.


  • How do you think streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have changed how bands release music? Has it made it easier or more difficult?

I have no idea. Anyway, I use and like Spotify


  • Do you have any non-musical influences that show up in your music?

In lyrics I am influenced by mental health issues.


  • Can you describe your sound?

Industrial metal with touch of nu-metal elements. Alternative singing.


  • What are you listening to lately? Anything you would recommend?

I am listening to Fear Factory, Demon Hunter and Hurts at the moment.


  • What made you decide to “get into” music and start a band?

I want to prove I could be a good composer and make world-class music


  • How does your writing process work, do you all collaborate on the lyrics or is that job reserved for just one person?

One person-me:)

But I plan hosts on my project, female vocals and my friend’s guitar solos, cuz [sic] he’s the better guitarist

  • If you had topick just one, which album would be your favorite?

Lamb Of God Sacrament


  • Are there any bands you would desperately love to tour with someday?

Devin Townsend:)


  • What are your thoughts about bands releasing more singles, rather than following a traditional route and just releasing albums?

It is good for less known bands, cuz noone [sic] will listen entire album of them. The famous bands should keep releasing albums.