Spylights’ debut EP, The Empath EP is due out May 10th. You can pre-order it here, on their bandcamp page if you would like. In the meantime, they have given us a single to dissect, analyze and obsess over.



“The Empath” is the title track of the EP, and it does not disappoint. The ballad slowly unfolds throughout its three-minute run time, growing until the music crests and moves into the finale. The band employs electronic elements over top a rock ‘n’ roll backbone, which grounds the big moments of the single.

I enjoy the overall sound of the track. It is coated with electronic textures, but the core is still rock. In other words, they meld poppy techniques with the time-tested firmness of rock-and they do this well. The band seamlessly blends these two genres, even though they are seemingly opposite.

I am looking forward to Spylights EP. Once it is released, I plan on reviewing it. It will be neat to see the band’s sound come together on The Empath. I’m looking forward to hearing how they stretch their sound to other types of songs.


What are your thoughts on the single? Are you looking forward to listening to the EP next month?