Out Of Time reminds me of one of the numerous times during my childhood when I was sequestered to the backseat of my parents’ truck on some excursion. They would bounce between classic rock and country, serenading me with a mix of tunes. Out Of Time mirrors this mixed blend of genres, only they add more blues and acoustic influences than I heard as a child.

Out Of Time is a good record. The second half of the album totally surprised me…it turns out the album isn’t all acoustic and blues, there’s a prominent rock element that completely takes over and steals the show.


Hooby and the Yabbit are probably best described by this quote on their bandcamp page: “Electro Blues Acoustic(ish) Hobo Rock Designed for late nite [sic] listening”. Genre talk aside, their debut record is good, and will be especially appealing to fans of classic rock.

The songs sway from soft acoustic intros to rock heavy verses. A bluesy flair dots the tunes, adding a wonderful texture that enhances the songs and breaks apart the rock elements. Some songs are more rock based, and others have more bluesy licks.

Overall, the album builds slowly. The album starts off with a little twang, a little blues and very relaxed atmosphere that is distinctly and firmly rock. “Movietown” is slower and controlled by the bass player’s easy stroll. “Handsome Curves” is classic example of an acoustic rock song, peppered with blues elements. And here’s where things completely change, on the second half of the album. Both “Tea and Toast” and the closing track, “Freak Out” are exciting rock songs. I like this progression toward increasingly heavier rock songs. It took me by surprise, but I was delighted.


Songs Worth investigating

I can’t discuss individual songs without highlighting the instrumental track, “Freak Out”. This is my favorite song on the album. There is a saxophone solo hidden in the song, along with some very slick drum beats and bass riffs, not to mention the guitar work.

“Movietown” is probably my next favorite, because of the political nature of the lyrics and the more story-esque approach. This song also captures a majority of the musical breadth of the album.


…And to Conclude

The veteran musicians of Hooby and the Yabbit have put together a good collection of songs. Out of Time doesn’t disappoint, nor does it drag. Most of the songs could easily qualify as rock ‘n’ roll jams, rather than bluesy acoustic tunes, that’s not to say that the record is lacking in the bluesy department. There is plenty of groove and swagger throughout the album.