Nex is a Polish metal band that offers a supremely heavy blend of death and black metal steeped in a satisfying groove. Their debut album The World Collapses, which was released in 2017, showcases this style well.



Nex is a modern heavy metal band, which means they borrow aspects from whatever sounds and styles they see fit. However, no matter what genre label you want to slap on the band or an individual song, the band’s attention to creating a groove is central. By combining a rhythmic direction and embracing with the wall-of-sound drum track creates an alluring feel. I feel comfortable classifying the band’s music as intense and loud, although it is a thoroughly groovy sound.

Since the band embraces this intense wall-of-sound style, the songs can bleed together easily. Even though the songs have distinct beginnings and ends, it is easy to get lost in the repetitive nature of an all-out-metal record.


Songs Worth Investigating

“Wide Horizon” is a great place to start listening to The World Collapses. It represents the album well. The song builds to a brutal breakdown, before jumping back into the chorus and verse routine. “God” is another track worth mentioning. It has an interesting drum track laced throughout the song, plus a nifty, though brief guitar solo that cuts away from the normal pounding of the record.


…And to Conclude

Nex creates a relentless wall-of-sound on The World Collapses. The guitars keep grinding and the growls keep coming throughout the entire run-time. Naturally, this leads to the songs blending together. This can stain the record with a negative connotation. This complaint aside, The World Collapses is a solid death metal album.


You can check the band out on their Facebook page and catch their music on Spotify and most major streaming platforms.