Last week I got word about a new music documentary series looming on the horizon: How It All Began. This series was created by Tarah G. Carpenter, the lead singer of Tarah Who?. She has quietly been working on this project for a while, because she has gathered interviews from musicians that span the globe. Moreover, Tarah wants to show the world what it’s like to be an independent musician, moreover, she focuses on women in rock and their experiences.

According to the press release I received, the series will: “document her experience of the genesis of the band, how she met her band mates Coralie Hervé (drums) and Joey Southern (bass), and the ways in which she navigates life as a committed musician.”

The overall goal of this series is, according to the press release, to “show a different perspective, on subjects such as exposing pay to play shows and the challenges of festivals, as examples of the idiosyncrasies in the industry”.

This will be accomplished by showing off “behind-the-scenes” footage of Tarah Who? creating new music, touring, promoting their music and performing. The documentary is being pitched as “an authentic and raw documentary about a woman fronted power trio from Los Angeles”.

When asked about the documentary, Tarah is quoted saying that:

I started playing music when I was 14 and I wanted to play the drums. But I remember having to deal with a share [sic] amount of sexism, because “girls don’t play drums” we were told. I had teachers who did not take me seriously and made me feel uncomfortable. I started teaching myself, because I was tired of having to prove how strongly I felt about learning how to play the drums or the bass to get approval.

A few years went by, and I started having the urge to write, express myself. I taught myself how to play the guitar and wrote a few songs. In 2006, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my music dreams.

Most people listen to bands without really knowing or understanding what it is to be a musician and what the process of making music is. It’s an enormous endeavor, from writing songs, to finding the right people to make your project come to life – you are the CEO of your own business.


You can watch the trailer here, or head over to the band’s YouTube page to check out more of their content. You should also follow them on social media to stay up to date about this documentary and their musical adventures.