SUE is a gritty, attitude laden punk band that prides themselves on a noisy style that focuses on discovering beauty hidden amongst chaos. On their debut album, It Will Never End, they do just that: offer punk rock tunes that are gruff, chaotic, dirty and most of all beautiful.



SUE has a unique musical style that I feel will deter most people. Their sound is a combination of noise rock and punk rock, which means it sounds like a nonsensical scream fest. The vocals sound like they were recorded on a cell phone from 2007 in a gigantic echoey room. Now, all of this was done by design. Its supposed to create an intense sense of chaos, which amplifies message of the lyrics. It should be no surprise that the lyrics are largely political. In a recent interview with the band, I was told their lyricist has been reading existential philosophy, so there is a streak of this running through some of their songs.

The band touches on very weighty, and often politically charged themes, such as addiction and hate. Songs such as “Thirst” are vague enough to evoke both images of addition and abuse. This multilayered interpretation shows off the band’s lyrical abilities. “Strange & Deranged” and “Missing Lies” sound like critiques of religion, while the track “Hate My Face” addresses hate in the age of social media.

No matter how many pretty words I use to describe this album, it will not appeal to everyone. Noise rock is not for everyone. And if you are not one of the people who enjoy it, this record is not for you. But, if you are up for a little adventure and want to try something new, this is a great place to start. Noise punk is a fun digestible genre if you give it a second.

Seemingly, one of the goals the band set out to accomplish with It Will Never End was to create chaotic music and discuss weighty topics that are inherently messy. The band accomplished this goal, while crafting an intriguing niche record.


Songs Worth Investigating

“Missing Lies” was an enjoyable track. It’s also one of the more accessible songs, because it has less “fuzz” and “noise” coating the music. People who are not big fans of noise rock could start with this tune before venturing into some of the more hardcore songs. “Hate My Face” has a great message that resonated with me and will appeal to anyone who dislikes social media. The single “Gotta Gotta Gotta” is a fun noisy punk rock anthem.

The final track is lengthy and brilliant. This fourteen-minute track is really two songs (yes, the second one is hidden!). The first part of this song is probably the most accessible song on the record, sound wise. It does run about seven-minutes, but that time gives the band enough space to offer a more mature sound intertwined with deep lyrics that really hit home for me. The hidden tune is a lot different. The band strips away the rock band sound and employs a soft, singer-songwriter vibe as guitar player plucks each note beneath haunting lyrics.


…And to Conclude

Overall, SUE’s debut album is solid. It’s a good noise punk album that addresses some timely, though touchy subjects. However, if you are not a fan of noise rock, you probably won’t find It Will Never End attractive. But, if you are up for trying something new, I encourage you to check this album out.


You can check out a full stream of the album on the band’s YouTube page here.

You can pick up a copy on their bandcamp page and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @mad_mad_sue