Doomstress’ debut album, Sleep Among the Dead has finally arrived, and it was worth the wait. This album was built for those who enjoy dark music loaded with lackadaisical riffs that are both fun and razor sharp.



Doomstress is a four-piece metal band that borrows elements from sub-genres such as doom and stoner in order to craft something unique. Their music is dark, heavy and busting with gritty riffs. They have spent years touring, dropping singles, EPs and hooking audiences on their style and flair, all of this work has generated a solid following for the band. Additionally, it has given them time to perfect the music that is on Sleep Among the Dead.

borrowed from Doomstress

Sleep Among the Dead is delightfully heavy when it needs to be. The guitar riffs bounce along, grinding with the drummer’s groove. “Burning Lotus” is a great example of this. At other times, the band trades away this strictly “heavy” approach for a more psychedelic atmosphere, “Apathetic Existence” is a prime example. This song is certainly heavy, however there is another controlling texture to the music; it’s much more spacey.


Songs Worth Investigating

“Apathetic Existence” is a great track. When I first started listening to stoner metal, I sought out songs like this because they were softer, yet still heavy. They struck some middle ground that felt appealing. The title track feels like a good conclusion to the record. It almost feels like a culmination of the rest of the songs, as it features genuinely heavy moments, guitar solos and atmospheric movements.


…And to Conclude

Overall, I enjoyed Sleep Among the Dead. Doomstress did a good job with their debut record. It nails the genre tags associated with their music in a melodic fashion. Hooks and riffs are strewn across the record, maintaining the heavy yet spacey atmosphere that makes this genre standout from other metal sub-genres.


Here’s a full stream of Sleep Among the Dead I discovered