The Bottlekids is a pop-punk band from Wales that got together to hang out with heir friends and drink “cheap lager”. They have been jamming away and playing “shit shows” just earn enough money to record an EP and play some more shows. They accomplished this goal. Their EP drops next month, and if “25 Days” is truly a good representation of the EP, it’ll be a fun pop-punk record. In a press release sent out the other day, they explained the new music video for “25 Days” like this:

“We wanted to make a video representing some of the shit gigs we have done in the past. Even though on paper a lot of them weren’t exactly great we always managed to have a decent night and a few beers regardless. We needed someone to play that one person in the audience and we were so buzzing to get Jimmy in the video, he is a local legend in our town and to see him still throwing those shapes at 80 years old is incredible. We just put some beers in front of him and let him loose and he absolutely nailed it.”

 Later on in the press release the band stated their road map, post release in what could arguably be described as a classic rock ‘n’ roll answer: “[t]he plan now is loose, but essentially we want to do some gigs to try to flog these records, visit as many new places as possible and sample your local ales.”

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