To get things started, Crejuvent is an extreme metal solo project, which is a fancy way of saying that Federico “Freddy Spera is a “one-man-band” playing some killer metal songs. He has spent a lot of time producing and playing in bands. Primarily, he is known for his time with Novacrow and Famous Monsters. With all of this experience, he has learned a few things about song writing, which he applies to Crejuvent…and it shows. Vesti La Buibba is a good single on its own, but Freddy stepped things up and added a “B-Side” to the single. This “extra” song turns out to be an epic, almost nine-minute progressive metal track.



Vesti La Giubba is technically a single, however, it also comes with an amazing “bonus track”. Both songs are good. The title track is a metal interpretation of a section famous from the Italian opera Pagliacci. This short song is a tight “death metal take” of the original. However, for me the “bonus song” outshines the title track. “Blue Spirit” is a splendid nine-minute progressive metal song that Freddy uses to take the listener on a journey. His musical talents and songwriting abilities really shine through on this one.

The song is caked with chaotic tendencies as one would expect from an extreme metal project. Yet, it never feels out of control. The explosive riffs and raw vocals feel measured and calculated. Overall, the song rises and falls, allowing Freddy to show off his ferocious side along with his ability to lay down tender notes.

…And To Conclude

Vesti La Buibba is a good single from a hard-working artist. However, by packaging the title track with “Blue Spirit”, Freddy offers a brilliant combination of music, steep in innovation. Anyone who is a fan of progressive metal should check Vesti La Buibba out, you will not be disappointed.


You can check out Crejuvent’s Facebook page here and his bandcamp page here. His Youtube page is here as well, where Freddy has covers and whatnot.