Savannah Pope is a solo rock ‘n’ roll princess who packs a punch on her debut release; Atlantis. This album is all rock, topped with a healthy dose of creativity and soaring vocals. Savannah Pope is an independent artist, and yet she is one of those individuals that feels like a “superstar” when you listen to her sing.


borrowed from Savannah Pope


I happened to discover Savannah on Instagram in the last year. Her music and talent drew me in quickly. When I heard Atlantis was coming out, I added it to my list of albums to review. However, when May dawned, I became inundated with homework. So, my music writing was pushed aside.

Today, while I was wandering around at work, Savannah Pope messaged, asking if I had written this review. Embarrassed, I explained why and made a note to get to the record ASAP.


Savannah attacks the listener with powerful vocals that rocket far into the stratosphere, seemingly without any effort. This is her most impressive weapon. That is not to say she isn’t good at plucking away on a guitar or song writing, because she’s capable of playing guitar and writing good lyrics. Rather, her voice is simply that big and powerful. This is very obvious when you play and of her songs because she steals the show with her voice.

Atlantis has ballads, riff-tastic jams and an attitude that feels like it was torn straight out of a time gone by. The guitars are gritty and bold, the drum kicks are loud as they smack into your chest, and yet none of the instruments reign supreme. This slot is reserved for Savannah’s singing.

By splicing together pure rock ‘n’ roll and a talented vocalist ripping through increasingly impressive notes, this record has a winning combination. When you factor in Savannah Pope’s creativity (both with her song writing and music video direction), this becomes even more evident.


Songs Worth Investigating

While “Daddy Issues” may be one of the faster rocking tunes, I found “Rock n’ Roll No More” particularly attractive. The entire song is fairly somber as it works toward an epic climax that showcases Savannah’s soaring vocals alongside a killer drum solo. Additionally, the music video is brilliant. It shows that Savannah is much more than just a singer; she’s an artist.


…And To Conclude

Savannah Pope is an artist with her own style, which shines through beautifully in her music videos. Her vocal abilities are stunning. She often skyrockets far above the instruments, drowning them in her wake. Atlantis is a fun record that shows off her ability to construct music and tell a story with it. If you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, you will not be disappointed with this record.