Spylights debut EP, The Empath is an atmospheric adventure along the slender boarder between hard rock and pop. The main man behind this project, Vincent Giovanni rides this line beautifully, blending bass riffs along side upbeat pop melodies. The Empath EP is a treat for fans of progressive rock or bands that obliterate genre barriers and simply make good music.



Spylights posted on Instagram that one of their songs was recently added to a “chill” playlist on Spotify. “Chill” is a great place to start when describing their sound. The title track, and lead single is absolutely a relaxed tune that is blistered with passion. Between Vincent’s cool vocals and the gently tap of a drumstick is a soft, though totally slick saxophone riff hiding in the background. The song crescendos and falls without losing its serene yet powerful current.

However, when they want, Spylights is more than capable of jamming out hard rock chords. “Batty Fang”, for example, is guilty of this. This song measures in at just over five minutes of glorious hard rock wrapped in a mature and measured tone. What Vincent allows it, the instruments drop some heavy chords, urging you bang your head along to the poppy rhythm.

Spylights blends numerous styles and influences together seamlessly to craft their sound. Just listening to this collection of elements is enjoyable. Jazzy elements are slapped down alongside hard rock solos and bass guitar riffs, all while Vincent’s sings timely lyrics in a poppy melody. When I interviewed the band earlier this year, Vincent claimed he had a ton of musical and non-musical influences that shine through in his music: after listening to their debut EP, I completely agree with his statement.

When I listened to The Empath EP I got the feeling the music was urging me to focus on my connection to music. While this was not a continuous feeling, it certainly came and went through out the EP.  Perhaps this was just this atmospheric nature of the music sending me this signal. After all (for me at least), these types sounds inspire contemplation. However, I found it pleasing to listen to music that demanded not only that I focus on it, but that I (re)consider my relationship with music itself.


Songs Worth Investigating

The title track is definitely one to check out. It’s the slowest and softest song on the EP, but its very heartfelt. You can feel Vincent pouring his heart into the lyrics as he sings. “Batty Fang” is another good one, especially if you heavy songs.

…And To Conclude

Spylights did a great job on their first release. The Empath EP is a delightful album that slips away from any solid genre tag. It’s certainly has a progressive rock/alternative rock feel, but it’s more than that. The band certainly dips into “hard rock” territory at times, but only when Vincent wants to, and the song calls for it. Perhaps it is best to quote him: “we are a rock band”. If the The Empath EP is a sign of things to come, this band has the talent and creative spirit to go places.


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You can pick up Spylights debut EP right here, on their bandcamp page and stream it on all major platforms (it’s worth the three bucks)