Dario Distasi has a singer-song writer vibe. However, instead of chilling out with an acoustic guitar, he offers something more powerful: the glory of a full rock band and the charm of raw guitar chords. His latest EP Letting Go carries a radio friendly feeling that is tinged with his signature edgy guitar sound. This four track EP is a short jog, but it has some good songs that are worth revisiting more than once.



The overall sound of the band stretches from soothing mid-tempo tracks (such as “Again”) to the thunderous closing tune (“When the Lights Go Down”) that is stacked with both tender moments and big thick chords. The band performs these different types of songs well, backing up their front man’s vision. Dario is a very capable vocalist. This shows as he switches from big notes during a rocking chorus and softer tones during a quitter song.

While Dario Distasi absolutely plays rock ‘n’ roll, his music has a poppy edge. This can be heard in the “radio friendly” nature of his tunes. They instantly sound familiar, even though you’ve never heard them before. This isn’t necessarily bad, because he twists this generic formula in a way that is uniquely his own. His voice and songwriting help accomplish this, however, so does his guitar work. Dario told me that he got his start by playing guitar, so this instrument is always featured prominently in his music.

It should be noted that that Letting Go was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee by an award-winning producer, Drew Middleton. As far as I know, Dario is still an independent musician. While it isn’t unheard of for indie bands to secure time with well-known producers, the fact that a well-respected producer took time to help mold Letting Go should be an indication that Dario is indeed talented.


…And to Conclude

Letting Go is a quick listen (it runs about fifteen minutes) but offers some enjoyable music by a budding artist. While there is a pop edge to some the songs, Dario Distasi offers pure rock ‘n’ roll in a little, but quality package. My favorite track on the EP was the final song: “When the Lights Go Down”, however it is hard to pinpoint “the best song” or a takeaway track from such a short album. If you have time, find Dario on Spotify and check out Letting Go.


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