Wishing Wolf is an emo pop punk band from the UK that embraces a sound that was popular a decade and a half ago…and they do so successfully. The band splices heavy rhythms with Danny Holmes unique, nasally voice. Wishing Wolf is independent and Violet Fire is their debut full record.


Right off the bat, I noticed that Wishing Wolf nails one of the core elements of pop punk: an atmosphere that is bristling with nostalgia. From the moment they started playing, they gave me such feeling. Before my recent interview with the band, I had never heard of them, yet their music resurrects memories that have been buried for years.

Sonically, the band is a tad heavier that the average pop punk band. However, the genre is plenty wide enough to account for their sound. Plus, they aren’t super heavier. No one is screaming the lyrics, Danny sings. The band has a comforting level of drum fills and cool riffs. Both Danny’s vocals and the band’s instruments are dynamic and interesting.


Lyrically, the band hits the highlights from their emo pop punk roots, which generally revolve around love and loss being channeled through a lens of remembrance and nostalgia. Every time I write this description out it sounds boring, but Wishing Wolf (and the genre) are far from boring. Wishing Wolf’s music is a brilliant example of the passion, the sorrow and the emotion that continues to flow through the genre. Young musicians like this are keeping this genre alive and well, and that makes me happy.

The members may be young and pop punk may be construed as a sophomoric genre, but Wishing Wolf is a mature band. They layer sounds together, which creates textured music that is inherently more interesting. These musical layers combine with Danny’s voice form the band’s sound, which is undoubtedly “pop punk”. Further, the band doesn’t just play fast songs. Their songs switch back and forth, from guitar riffs and drum fills to slower tunes focus more on the emotion hidden with the lyrics.

Songs Worth Investigating

It is clear why “Closer” and “White Rose” are the lead singles for Violet Fire. They are upbeat, fun tracks, which demand at least one listen (though lets be honest, they’re pretty great and you’ll listen to them again and again). Beyond this, “Violet Fire” is a good track that shows the band can sow different tempos together, into a good tune. For those of you who like slower tracks, “Only Nightmares” is a great pop punk ballad.

…And To Conclude

Wishing Wolf’s debut album, Violet Fire was an unexpected nostalgic trip. The album is a solid debut and a good attempt to emulate a forgotten genre. The band shows maturity, not just in their ability to craft good songs but also write quality lyrics. While they are young, Wishing Wolf seems to have a bright future.

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