Drug Money is a three-piece rock band from a college town a little north of New Orleans Louisiana. Their debut album, Science Fair Peepshow dropped last year. This nine track album comes out swinging with a delightfully dorky vibe strewn over a progressive rock structure. It is clear from the beginning that these Louisiana rockers mean business.



Drug Money is a fun rock band. Their music isn’t too heavy or overloaded with riffs to turn people away. However, there is enough heaviness to satisfy those of us who enjoy heavy music. In other words, there are bits and pieces of hard rock mashed against poppy elements, all of which are rammed through the band’s unique filter.

borrowed from Drug Money

Science Fair Peepshow feels radio friendly as well, which means the tracks have a familiar vibe, although there is a unique flair strewn throughout the tracks. “Pot Brawny” is a great example of this, as it begins with throaty chords before breaking into a series of cool riffs. And all of this takes place with hardly any vocals, making the song essentially instrumental.

Tim Mclain’s vocals match well with the band’s overall sound. Rather than being stern and coarse, his voice adds a lighter texture. This is opposite of the band’s heavy instruments; however, the combination works well, diversifying their sound.

Songs Worth Investigating

“Pot Brawny” caught my attention, partly because of the name has a comical twist and partly because the song is more or less an instrumental track. “Punk Funk” is another good track that also showcases the bands ability to shred away.


…And To Conclude

Overall, Drug Money’s debut album is a fun adventure. Its poppy enough to attract people who aren’t purely into heavy music, but it has enough heavy elements to appeal to those who enjoy heavy music. I think this is a winning combination the band show pursue and continue to groom, because it appeals to a larger number of people. Also, bands are always better, in my book, when they can play more than one type of song.


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