In the middle of the night, a very special email popped into my inbox. When I woke up this morning I was confronted with amazing news: Elder is dropping a new record July 12th. The press release says the record is 33 minutes of experimental music, from a great metal band. The album is titled The Gold and Silver Sessions and after listening to my advanced copy…I suggest you pick it up, (if thing else it’s Elder jamming together). What’s not to love?

So, what might we expect from this new record? It’s experimental-which sounds scary to fans that grow accustom to a certain sound and style. I know I tend to think of bands as fitting into a certain mold and not being able to move from it. The Gold and Silver Sessions is an attempt to buck the system and create something new and different. But no matter your worries, think about it like this: its Elder, jamming out sweet hooks and riffs.

borrowed from Elder

If you are unaware, Elder is a flagship band for Blues Funeral Recordings. Their last LP, Reflections of a Floating World was released in 2017 and was very well received. If you want further proof of their talent, Rolling Stones has it listed as one of the top 20 albums of 2017. Genre wise, the band lands in the stoner/doom categories, generally with less “doom” and more “stoner”. Personally, they were my introduction to stoner rock/metal.

The Gold and Silver Sessions will be available July 12th through the official Blues Funeral Recordings bandcamp.