You could describe the band as a female front rock group with a grungy sound. But you’d miss out on the power of singer Verity White’s voice. Her powerful vocals fit snuggly alongside of the crunch of Alex White’s guitar and the thumping rhythms of Joe Kelly (bass) and Alex McIntosh Drums). Verity White is a band to check out if you enjoy grungy sounds and powerful vocals.

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  • What are your biggest musical influences?

We’re mainly influenced by 90s rock and everything that entails – from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to Le Tigre and the riot grrrl movement. Personally, my favorite band of all time are Nine Inch Nails so I think you can hear a bit of that in there too. There also a big vocal influence from Motown – Aretha Franklin was the reason I wanted to be a singer, and strong female vocalists such as Tori Amos.


  • Do you listen to any band or genre that would surprise your fans if they found out?

Opera!! I’m actually a trained classical vocalist and I enjoy learning and performing opera pieces as part of my ongoing training.


  • What’s next for the band?

We’re just heading into a busy season of festival and tour gigs, and after that we’ll be concentrating on a new album and looking for a label to work with! We also have a really exciting YouTube weekly feature that we’re working on so keep an eye out for that!


  • How do you think streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have changed how bands release music? Has it made it easier or more difficult?

Weirdly, both. It’s easier than ever to release music and put it out there for anyone to hear, but due to that I think overall quality has suffered so you drown in an over saturated market. Also, people don’t put any value to music anymore so it forces you to attempt to find new ways of financing your passion… not always easy but certainly makes you more creative!


  • Do you have any non-musical influences that show up in your music?

Definitely, the lyrics focus around true things that have happened to myself. I’m very honest about my past and my struggles with mental health problems and you’ll find a lot of that in the music – mainly in a way where I’m questioning what’s happened and pushing myself to overcome them. It makes the love show very emotional which is great!


  • Can you describe your sound?

Like a 90s rock and grunge band got together with Tori Amos and smashed a load of more modern sounds in the mix.

  • What are you listening to lately? Anything you would recommend?

I’ve just got into buying vinyl and I bought an amazing original copy of Pretty Hate Machine (NIN) which is constantly on at the moment!! As for recommendations – I’d say look out for the smaller bands – they have exciting new sounds and are challenging the mainstream (read all the music that sounds the same!) for exciting new avenues!


  • What made you decide to “get into” music and start a band?

I don’t think I really ever had a choice – music is who I am and was all I ever wanted. I think you have to feel like that, or you’ll never stick it out to be honest!