Andy Vimar, co-founder of The Real Stills, gives us an inside look on the band’s debut single, Different Together. We talked with the Los Angeles-based artist about the new song, the writing process and how gnarly food brings out gnarly ideas.

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1) Can you describe the sound of the single?

Different Together is a groove-driven confession expressing the universal statement that “it is what it is”. One of our favorite comments that we’ve gotten on the track was how it was ‘’understated, but with lots of depth”.


2) What were the biggest musical influences for the single?

At the time, we were channeling our influences of Bill Withers, Derek Trucks Band, and Donny Hathaway Live. On the production side of things, the Alabama Shakes “Sound And Color” was a huge source of inspiration.


3) You guys have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the production. Where was it recorded?

Thank you, that was something we were excited to hear. We couldn’t have asked for a better producer for this project. Eric Corne is just one of those producers that can kindle those “magic” moments in the studio. Everyone was feeling inspired and inventive from start to finish. Recording in Robby Kreiger’s “Horse Latitudes” was perfect to maintain those vibes.

4) How did the writing process work for this particular song? Do you all collaborate on the lyrics or is that job reserved for just one person?

For this tune, I brought my initial idea to the guys with the skeleton pretty much written – lyrics and all. Everyone had a big contribution in the arrangement. After much trial and error and experimenting at shows, our producer Eric Corne really helped us with the final arrangment when we got in the studio.


5) Are there any influences that might come as a surprise to people?

Probably Country music, especially the old stuff. The influence there is much less about the production and arrangement, but more about the songwriting. It’s nice to hear a well written song with minimal embellishment. Willie and Kristoferson are the kings of that.


6) What’s next after the single?

Different Together is just the beginning. We are so happy with the response and engagement we’ve gotten from it so far. We’ll be following up with an album sometime next year.



7) Do you have any non-musical influences that show up in your music?

Roy Choi, Fat Sals, Wurstekuche, Mozza. After we rehearse or after a gig we usually grab something to eat at a spot that has a cool vibe to discuss our favorite moments of the night, or hash out some lyrical ideas. Gnarly food brings out some gnarly ideas.



8) What are you listening to lately? Anything you would recommend?

We have a playlist on Spotify we created called “Soul Bangers” that we all listen to constantly. The whole playlist really helped us all get on a similar headspace, which we’ve found crucial to our songwriting process. It’s public for anyone that wants to check it out!

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9) Anybody you guys would like to give a shoutout too?

We really like Mac Saturn from Detroit. They’re playing some badass Rock and Roll music.

We also really dig GOODWEATHER’s song Smokin’ Honey

Manuel The Band’s new album, Room for complication.

And Prussia for their new release “Hello”

It’s all good summertime music.


10) Where can we listen and stay updated with you guys?

Our single is on all major streaming services and is available for purchase on our website at

All of our social media including Instagram and Facebook should be there as well!