Bands like The Remedies remind me why I love music. They showcase its beauty and ability to communicate raw emotion. Their music obliterates genres, soaring over these needless boxes and focusing on catchy melodies mixed with smart lyrics. It almost goes without saying that their new single is absolutely worth purchasing, streaming and listening to on repeat.


The Remedies latest single is titled “Space Mountain”. This tune is different than their last double release released earlier in the year. Its more of a rock song, complete with a sweet drum fill and big band breakdown. “Space Mountain” is still poppy and has a infectious groove that demands you dance along. Throughout the first movement, this funky rhythm is delivered by a guitar riff. The Remedies’ horn section doesn’t add their voices until the above mentioned breakdown.

While I love Matthew Hodgins’ voice and he does a great job on this single, as well as their earlier releases, the band shines during the instrumental sections of “Space Mountain”. The other voices continue the story, layering themselves on one another to create a textured wall of sound that is blissful and sleek.